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What is WENexus?

WENexus project, co-funded by the European Union, through the LIFE programme, aims to develop solutions for increasing energy efficiency in the water sector in Portugal by defining business models adapted to the different realities of water utilities, for their subsequent investment in energy efficiency solutions and/or renewable energy production. 

Through this project, the consortium formed by S317 Consulting, ENGIDRO Engineering Solutions and Sérvulo & Associados is available to provide free support, without any exclusivity regime, to any water supply and/or waste water management utilities that want to make investments to improve the energy efficiency of their systems.

Wenexus doesn’t provide funding for the implementation of the proposed energy solutions, but aims to fill the need of utilities to allocate human resources and time to develop them. This is done through the consultancy service provided by the consortium, consisting of technical, financial, and legal assistance.

Expected impacts

WENexus aims to contribute to energy transition and sustainable energy use in the water sector through four different vectors:

vector 1

Acting on system's electromechanical equipment efficiency

Replacing hydraulic pumps and motors with more energy-efficient ones, where warranted, or eliminating hydraulic inefficiencies that may exist in the systems.

vector 2

Acting on sustainable energy production capacity

By implementing photovoltaic panels (PV) power generation systems in the utilities installations.

vector 3

Acting on the power storage capacity

Foreseeing the installation of storage batteries, allowing utilities to benefit from storage of the renewable energy produced with the PV panels.

vector 4

Acting on the efficiency of the overall system

Introducing systems to produce biomethane, allowing lower dependency of the utility from natural gas and a decrease in carbon emissions. 

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Pilot Projects

The development of energy solutions, denominated pilot projects within the scope of WENexus, represent the result of the consultancy service provided, taking the following approach:

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